Levis-Trow Mound, Neillsville Wisconsin

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Length: 30+ miles     Lap: ? min    Singlespeed Gear: ?     Toilet: Yes     Water: ?
Physically - moderate to demanding      Technically - beginner to advanced

Getting There

About 15 miles off I-94, southwest of Neillsville, Wisconsin.

From I-94 North, Black River Falls , exit on highway 12/27, travel north 10 miles to Merrillian, turn right on highway 95, go east seven miles. Levis-Mound trailhead will be on the left.

From I-94 South, take exit 121, which eventually comes to a stop.  Take a left ad head east on highway 95, travel east through Alma Center to Merrillain. Continue on highway 95, east seven miles. Levis Mound trailhead will be on the left.  The campground trailhead is just past the first trailhead - take a left on Fisher Ave. and it will be about 1/2 mile on the left.  

The Details

Travel to the heart of Wisconsin and experience some of the best riding the Midwest has to offer. The trail network at Levis-Trow appeals to all levels of riders, with gentle, rolling climbs on wider sections of trail for beginners and plenty of tight, slaloming singletrack to challenge even the most experienced riders. Sandstone bluffs offer a chance to take in views of the surrounding area.

What else can be said about Levis-Trow - it is hands down one of the very best trails in the midwest.  This is a true epic ride!  A few hours away from the cities, but well worth the trip.  There are so many great trails to choose from that you will kick yourself if you don't allow a full day of riding.. yet you still won't be able to ride them all.

Livis/Trow Mounds is a confusing name to many.  Some background information might be helpful.  In this area they call the hills mounds.  The trail was originally only on the Levis mound but soon trails were added to Trow mound... thus, Levis/Trow Mounds.  (Levis is pronounced le vis, not lee vis)

Toad Road has to be one of the most unique trails anywhere.  Riding along bluffs up to some of the best scenery around.  You will not believe you are in the midwest when you ride at Levis.  Take "Warm Up" to "Select Cut" and then "Toad Road" while your legs are still fresh.  Then onto "Pile Driver" - a very long and steep decent back down, then ride "Switchback" right back up again.  Whew!  You have just done some demanding, yet un-describable riding, and you haven't even seen half of what's out there!  Head back to the parking lot to re-fuel and head right back out again.

A great second ride would be to take "Select Cut" to "Dead Turkey" then a brief double-track ride up "Trow Trail" to "Lower Hermosa".  From here you can progress on up to "Hermosa" then "Upper Hermosa" for some more lung busting climbs and fast descents.  On the north side of the park you will find many new trails that are not shown on the map below.  Yes, believe it or not there are more miles of trail to be explored - some so new it hasn't even been written down!  Take the "Hermosa's" or "Yellow Jacket" back and hit "Toad Road" again if you are still feeling up to the challenge.. but I bet by now even the hartiest of riders will want to call it a day.

Even as you pack up in the parking lot and prepare for that drive back home you will find yourself already planning your next trip to Levis.

This trail has more than just something for everyone.  It is the complete package, and just over 2 hours away from the twin cities metro.  If you have not been to Levis, change all your plans and prepare for the best ride in the midwest.  Be sure to post in the forums if you are planning a trip, as you will find many would be more than willing to take the trek out there.  Just be ready to feel spoiled when you come back - even our great metro trails may seem just a little less special once you have been out to Levis-Trow.


More Information

Epic Ride Length: Approximately 30 miles

Climbing: 3,000 feet

Elevation Range: 900-1,200 feet

Terrain: Classic Midwest singletrack, tight and twisting through the trees, with short, steep hills .

Season: End of March/early April through November 15th. The trails are closed during Wisconsin Gun Deer Season.

Details: Contact the Clark County Forestry and Park Department, 715-743-5140. Free maps available at the trailhead and also online at http://www.worba.org/nasti/map.html

IMBA Club: Neillsville Area Trails Association (NASTI), http://www.worba.org/nasti. Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association (WORBA), http://www.worba.org

Shop: Langreck Custom Bicycles, about three miles south of Levis-Trown Mounds on Highway J. Reach the ship at 715-333-2059 or pwlang@discover-net.net

Camping: Russell County Park, about three miles south of Levis-Trow on Highway J. 715-333-7948, http://www.clark-cty-wi.org/russellpark

Lodging: Several hotel options in and around Neillsville.

Travel & Tourism Association: Clark County, Wisconsin, http://www.clark-cty-wi.org/recreation.html

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