Maah Daah Hey Trail - Medora, ND

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 Length: 96 miles     One Way: 15+ hours     Singlespeed Gear: 32x18    Toilet: yes
 Water: yes*   Physically - moderate to demanding   Technically - field riding to extreme

Getting There

From the east, hop on I-94 west and drive. Take the Medora exit and head south. Once in Medora, follow the signs to Sully Creek State Park and look for the Maah Daah Hey Trailhead sign. One way, it's about 560 miles from Minneapolis.

The Details

This trail is unbelievable. Start to finish, it's 96 miles and well worth the ride. Gorgeous views and never ending singletrack. What can be better?

The trail has campsites staggered along it approximately every 15-20 miles. These sites can be reached by forest service roads... Each of these campsites has vault toilets and hand water pumps. Quite handy if you're planning on doing the whole thing unsupported. hauling extra water gets really heavy (and old) fast.

The trail roughly follows the Little Missouri river, and connects the north and south units of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. However, bikes aren't allowed within the park boundaries, so keep your eyes open to make sure you don't wander in.

Another neat thing about this trail is that it crosses through State and private land. This means that you're frequently encountering free range cattle and horses. Keep your eyes peeled, because these areas are also home to pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, rattlesnakes, and the occasional buffalo.

What really surprised me was how different some areas of the trail felt from others. One minute, you'll be riding along a ridgeline, the next thing you know, you're bombing down sandy descents, sliding through switchbacks, and popping in and out of trees.

Some of the more well known of the trail highlights are both accessed from the Magpie campsite. They are the Ice Caves, and Devil's Pass. If you've got to choose one, take Devil's Pass. Both are worth seeing, but Devil's Pass is a little better if you ask me. Overall Impression

This is the single best trail that I've ever ridden on. It's sheer length and changing scenery and terrain keep it fresh and exciting on each ride. I highly recommend taking the time to get out to the Badlands and ride this trail. You won't regret it. 
 - Ed Grumly

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